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Indexing of the Journal New Physics: Sae Mulli in Scopus
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New Physics: Sae Mulli has been indexed in SCOPUS, the world’s largest citation index database. The Korean Physical Society has worked hard to get its journal New Physics: Sae Mulli (NPSM) indexed in Scopus. Since the first publication in 1961, NPSM has gone through numerous changes and continuous development. Such changes include the merging with the journal of Physics Education: Mulli Kyoyuk in 1999, the switch to monthly issues in 2000, the revision of its English name in 2010, the creation of the English homepage for NPSM ( in 2013, the recruitment of foreign editors, and the introduction of Cover and Highlight Papers. Recently, on August 22, 2015, a representative from Elsevier notified us that NPSM had been indexed in Scopus.
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Indexing of the Journal New Physics: Sae Mulli in Scopus admin 2016-09-30 1260
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1 Prof. Youngtae Kim (Ajou University, Suwon) becomes new editor-in-chie... admin 2013-01-01 1902
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