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Measurement of X-ray energy using YSO and LYSO scintillation crystals
New Physics: Sae Mulli
Published online November 21, 2016;
© 2016 New Physics: Sae Mulli.

Hye Young Lee, Jin-A Jeon, I. H. Park, Jik Lee*
Received October 5, 2016; Revised November 14, 2016; Accepted November 21, 2016.
Scintillation crystals are one of the most widely used detector components for the radiation detection, especially for the X-ray detection, in the fields of nuclear- and particle-physics, space and medical applications. We measured X-ray energy using a detector that consists of a Ce-doped silicate scintillation crystal and a photo-sensor. The silicate scintillation crystal is either a YSO crystal or a LYSO crystal, and the photo-sensor is a Silicon Photomultiplier with its photon detection efficiency optimized for the emission spectrum of the scintillation crystals. We observed the full-energy distribution of X-rays in the range of 11.9 and 26.3 keV with the average energy 17.1 keV as well as the full-energy distribution of X-rays of the energy of 59.5 keV from an $^{241}$Am source using the detector. We fitted the full-energy distribution to a Gaussian function and determined the mean and width of the full-energy distribution from the function. We present the energy dependence of the response of the detector to X-rays and the comparison of the scintillation light yield of YSO and LYSO crystals.

March 2017, 67 (3)