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Improving Experimental General Physics Laboratory by Consumer Grade Camera and Video Tracking Analysis Open Program
New Physics: Sae Mulli
Published online June 2, 2017;
© 2017 New Physics: Sae Mulli.

Janghee Park, Hyewon Lee, Juyeong Kim, Chung-sik Kim, Bog G. Kim*
Received March 31, 2017; Revised May 22, 2017; Accepted June 2, 2017.
We have discussed improvement of general physics laboratory course by using digital Camera and Video Tracking Analysis Open Program. With recent breakthrough in CMOS technology of the consumer grade camera and software improvement in vision analysis, this techniques can be applied to simple physical problem, which is very important for educational purpose in the introductory level physics. We have developed course materials for general physics laboratory, which is offered to undergraduate student both in natural science and engineering department in P University. In our course, 7 out of 10 courses in mechanics part can be replaced by simple guideline given here. Four mechanics experiments such as free fall, parabolic motion with projectile, momentum conservation, and simple harmonic oscillation was demonstrated with video tracking analysis. We also present simple manual written in Korean Language as well as new textbook. We have discussed not only advantages of video tracking analysis but also attention during the experimental process. Our guideline can also be applied to high school physics experiment too.

September 2017, 67 (9)