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Luminescence Characteristics of (Y$_{0.85-x}$Yb$_{0.15}$)$_3$Ga$_5$O$_{12}$:Er$_x^{3+}$ Phosphors
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2018; 68: 1308~1314
Published online December 31, 2018;
© 2018 New Physics: Sae Mulli.

Jong Won CHUNG1, Soung Soo YI*2

1 Department of LED Convergence Engineering, Pukyung National University, Busan 48513, Korea
2 Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Silla University, Busan 46958, Korea
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Received September 17, 2018; Revised November 9, 2018; Accepted November 10, 2018.
cc This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Er$^{3+}$ and Yb$^{3+}$ co-doped Y$_3$Ga$_5$O$_{12}$ polycrystalline powders were prepared by using a solid-state reaction method, and their crystallinities were measured using X-ray diffraction. According to the results of X-ray diffraction, the powders showed a polycrystalline tetragonal structure. The photoluminescence and the upconversion luminescence properties of the (Y$_{0.85-x}$Yb$_{0.15}$)$_3$Ga$_5$O$_{12}$:Er$_x^{3+}$ ($x$ = 0.03, 0.06, 0.09, 0.12 and 0.15) phosphors were investigated in detail. Green and red upconversion emissions were observed for the phosphors excited by 980 nm radiation from a semiconductor laser. The powders exhibited strong green and weak red upconversion emission peaks at 553 and 660 nm, respectively. Also, their upconversion processes were explained using an energy-diagram analysis and the strongest upconversion intensity was emitted by the powder with a 0.12 mol Er$^{3+}$ ion concentration.
PACS numbers: 78.55.-m, 78.20.-e
Keywords: (Y$_{0.85-x}$Yb$_{0.15}$)$_3$Ga$_5$O$_{12}$:Er$_x^{3+}$, Phosphors, Upconversion, Energy transfer

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