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Table. 1.

Questionnaire survey for measuring energy concepts understanding.

Classification Questions
Association with concept of energy · What are 10 words that you associate with energy?
· Among the 10 words, write 1 that you think is the most important and explain your reason.
Measuring level of understanding concept of energy · What is energy?
· What examples of energy are there around you?
· What is conversion of energy?
· How is conversion of energy accomplished when riding a rollercoaster?
· How is conversion of energy accomplished when using an electric iron?
· Excluding the above cases, what other methods are there where we can use conversion of energy?
· Can the overall energy be preserved when one energy is converted into another energy? Why do you
· Draw the conversion of energy that we can see in our environment and explain in detail.
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2021;71:263~275