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Table. 2.

Level classification for energy concept understanding measurement.

Category Standards for Classification
Level 1 · Explains energy as fragmentary objects that can be found in surroundings
· Have unscientific thinking for defining conversion of energy
· Doesn’t understand the examples related to conversion of energy and cannot form correct concept for energy preservation with unscientific thinking
Level 2 · Explains energy as phenomenon and events
· Explains the relevance of energy and conversion of energy in fragments
· Has misconceptions on explaining energy preservation
Level 3 · Relates energy and conversion of energy to surrounding examples and is able to explain to certain degree
· Explanation on energy preservation is scientific to certain degree but there is also some misconception
· Insufficiency in systematic understanding on conversion and flow of energy and there is a little misconception
Level 4 · Provides perfectly logical explanation for energy conversion and energy preservation caused by interaction between energy
· Has systematic understanding for conversion and flow of energy
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2021;71:263~275