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Table. 4.

The most important conceived concepts and reasons for the association.

Rank Association Frequency of selection for reasons thought to be most important Main Reason (example)
1 electricity 19 · Because it is the most needed in our daily lives and it is the impetus that operates electronics in our daily lives
· Because it is most needed for us to live and has close relation with our lives
· Electricity will relatively be easier to convert to other energy and will be easy to use
· Most of our country’s power plants create electricity and therefore, it can be said that electricity is most precious
2 sun 12 · Because we can gain another form of energy through new renewable energy called the sun when there is insufficient amount of energy
· Since the sun will continue to exist even when we run out of other resources, it can create new energy
· Because it is cleaner than fossil energy like fuel and coal and also, doesn’t cause great amounts of environmental pollution
· The light of sun will become hotter and hotter as global warming worsens and I thought it would be good to use this as form of energy
3 car 11 · If you don’t have cars, you can’t go fast and if you can’t go fast, people have to consume more energy
· The various power technology that is put into the car engine becomes the basic technology that can create energy
· Even if energy is created, it would be difficult to transport energy if there is no automobile.
4 force 9 · Because you need power to create energy
· There are different kinds of power in our daily lives and those powers are used to create energy
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2021;71:263~275