Table. 6.

Reasons to change the science electives course system(up to 2 options can be selected).

Category Percent(%)
Physics teachers who disagreed (n = 19) Other science teachers who disagreed (n = 44) Total teachers who disagreed (N = 63)
It is not appropriate for the Science II subjects to be tied together with liberal arts subjects such as Life & Science as career elective subjects. 63.2 63.6 63.5
Overall, students’ avoidance of science elective courses intensified. 36.8 36.4 36.5
Although Science II course is a career elective course, it is included as an optional subject for the CSAT, so the connection between the curriculum and the CSAT is poor. 31.6 27.3 28.6
The current dual evaluation system, general electives with relative grading and career electives with absolute grading system, is not appropriate. 31.6 15.9 20.6
The current 2015 curriculum structure centered on Science I and II subjects is not suitable for future education in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. 10.5 11.4 11.1
Due to insufficient number of elective subjects, students’ choice is not practically guaranteed. 0.0 13.6 9.5
Others 0.0 9.1 6.3
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2021;71:864~878