Table. 7.

Things to consider when reorganizing science elective courses (up to 2 options can be selected).

Category Percent(%)
Physics teacher (n = 44) Other science teacher (n = 148) Total (N = 192)
As before, the physics I and II system should provide an opportunity to access the entire contents of each science area. 70.5 67.6 68.2
Information-related subjects should be included in elective subjects. 20.5 16.2 17.2
Considering the highschool credit system, it should be organized and operated in units of 3-5 so that students can complete the course by semester instead of one year. 18.2 19.6 19.3
Various science elective courses should be organized and operated so that students have the right to choose in preparation for the highschool credit system. 18.2 22.3 21.4
Convergence-type subjects or inquiry subjects should be organized instead of Science II subjects for the career elective subjects. 15.9 19.6 18.8
Others 2.3 0.0 1.6
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2021;71:864~878