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Fig. 6. (Color online) (a) Calculated power factors (PF) of some selected chalcogenide perovskites having a PF > 2 mW-m–1K–2. The prototype of each structure is also shown. (b) Side view and (c) top view of distorted perovskite structure of BaZrS3. (d) Lattice thermal conductivity (LTC) of BaZrS3 at different temperatures along the three different crystallographic axes. The inset, a magnified section of the LTC, shows the lack of anisotropic effect for κL of BaZrS3. The vertical line in the inset is the LTC at 300 K (κL = 1.20 W/m–1K–1). (a) adapted with permission from Ref. [56]. Copyright 2021 American Chemical Society. (b) – (d) adapted with permission from Ref. [59]. Copyright 2019 American Chemical Society.
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2021;71:991~1003