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Table. 1.

Characteristics of online experiment using simulation.

Category Characteristics of Simulation
Advantage - It can be used instead of expensive equipment, hard-to-perform experiments, or dangerous experiments.
- Students can save time for data collection, adjust experimental conditions or variables easily, repeat the experimental process, and conduct experiment individually.
- It presents the experimental situation and results visually and immediately.
Disadvantage - Students can misunderstand that the experimental process and results are irrelevant to reality.
- Students cannot develop practical inquiry skills.
- Because of easy manipulation, students can arbitrarily adjust variables without systematic procedure.
Conditions for effective use - It should be linked with real phenomena.
- Discussion through group activities is more effective.
- Guidance to recognize the inquiry process metacognitively is needed for systematic inquiry.
Others - Many simulations are open to the public on various internet sites.
- Positive application effects in various aspects have been reported.
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2022;72:525~536