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Table. 2.

Characteristics of Online Experiment Using Remote Experiment.

Category Characteristics of Remote Experiment
Advantage - It reduces the burden on teachers to prepare for and clean up experiments.
- Expensive equipment for experiment can be shared.
- It can be used instead of dangerous experiments.
- Students can save time for setting the equipment and conduct actual experiment individually and repeatedly without time and space constraints.
Disadvantage - Initial equipment installation requires a high cost.
- Manpower is needed for maintenance and initialization of equipment.
- Students cannot learn how to install experimental equipment.
Conditions for effective use - Teacher needs to use strategies for motivation.
- Teacher needs to use strategies for a effective group activity.
- It is recommended to consider six items (Zacharias et al., 2015) to assist and guide remote experiments.
Others - It has been studied and developed since about 20 years ago.
- There are open labs in the internet, but very few are still available.
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2022;72:525~536