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Table. 3.

Characteristics of Home Experiment.

Category Characteristics of Home Experiment
Advantage - Actual experiments are possible.
- Smartphone apps enable observations that are difficult to observe directly, and provide accurate measurement results easily.
- It is helpful for student's interest, achievement, and scientific attitude.
Disadvantage - It may be necessary to send a required basic experimental materials individually.
- More complicated experiments are impossible.
- Too detailed data is measured in the smartphone apps.
- Students rely only on smartphone apps for the data collection and analysis process and do not participate cognitively.
Conditions for effective use - Student-friendly guidance on installation or manufacture of experimental devices, how to use smartphone apps, and how to collect and analyze data is needed.
- The experiments presented in the curriculum need to be modified as a home experiment.
Others - It uses smartphones/sharedware/easy materials available around us.
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2022;72:525~536