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Table. 7.

Characteristics of experiment focusing on data analysis.

Category Characteristics of Data Analysis Experiment
Advantage - Time for data collection is not required and it prevents errors which can be generated in data collection.
- Students can develop specific inquiry skills related to data analysis.
- Students can recognize the nature of science related to data analysis.
- It gives opportunity to analyze data that cannot be collected by individuals or schools, such as big data.
Disadvantage - Students may not be able to relate data to real phenomena.
- Students cannot learn how to use and install experimental equipment to measure data.
- In the case of big data, the data should be reconstructed to suit the student level.
Conditions for effective use - The data should be linked to what the actual phenomenon is about.
- Students should be able to recognize the situation/conditions when data is collected, and to interpret/predict changes in data according to their changes.
- It is necessary to provide separate guidance on data analysis skills (e.g., how to use Excel, control variables, draw and interpret graphs, etc.).
Others - There are not many cases of inquiry activities using big data.
- Big data analysis experiments are expected to expand in the future science education.
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2022;72:525~536