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Table. 1.

Numerical values of the mechanical, physical, thermal and optical properties and the laser parameters used for the simulations in this study.

Property or Parameter Symbol Value
Mechanical Property Young’s Modulus [MPa] E 26.05
Poisson’s Ratio ν 0.49
Physical and Thermal Property Mass Density [kg·m-3] ρ 1014
Specific Heat [J·kg-1·K] c 2221
Thermal Conductivity [W·m-1·K-1] k 0.193
Volumetric Thermal Expansion Coefficient [K-1] β 5.4 × 10-4
Optical Property Refractive Index nr 1.515
Absorption Coefficient [mm-1] α 4.00
Laser Parameter Laser Pulse Energy [mJ] Ep 25.8
Pulse Width [ns] τ 8.0
Beam Radius [mm] Ω 4.2
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2022;72:552~557