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Fig. 2. (Color online) Comparative analysis by region of the 18th presidential election in 2012 (left) and of the 19th presidential election in 2017 (right). Interestingly, it shows that in the 18th presidential election Geun-hye Park (red) received much attention in the Honam region, unexpectedly. Similarly, in the 19th presidential election, Jae-in Moon (blue) received more attention than Jun-pyo Hong (red) in the Gyeongnam and Gyeongbuk regions. This suggests that in the actual vote, `Shy Park Geun-hyé and `Shy Moon Jae-in' voted more than expected in the traditional Democratic Party (Honam) and Liberty Korea Party regions (Gyeongsangdo).
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2022;72:594~604