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Table. 1.

Representation of plane harmonic waves and Jones vectors that depend on the polarization state of light.

Polarization type Plane harmonic waves Jones vector
Linear polarization E= E 0e(krωt)
H= H 0e(krωt)
10 01
Circular polarization E=E0[i^cos(kzωt)+j^sin(kzωt)]\\ \quad=E0[i^ei(kzωt)+j^ei(kzωt±π/2)]\\ \quad=E0(i^±ij^)[ei(kzωt)] & 1i 1i
Elliptical polarization E=i^E0cos(kzωt)+j^ E0sin(kzωt) 2i 12i
AeiδpBeiδs or eiδpABeiΔ (phase difference, Δ=δpδs) (10)
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2022;72:923~929