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Table. 2.

RLC experimental results are expressed as Jones vector and Jones matrix of elliptical polarization in optics.

Frequency Phase difference, amplitude of major axis and minor axis, angle between x axis and major axis Jones matrix Jones vector
(a) 10kHz Δ=0.3267 (rad)
ψ = 41.4790 (deg)
100e0.3267i 1.84371.55380.5265i
Left-handed circulation
(b) 110kHz Δ=0.3248 (rad)
A = 1.7812
B = 1.6562
ψ = 42.9564 (deg)
100e+0.3248i 1.78121.5696+0.5285i
Right-handed circulation
(c) 930kHz Δ=0.7158 (rad)
A = 1.75
B = 1.34376
ψ = 35.2488 (deg)
100e0.7158i 1.751.01390.8818i
Left-handed circulation
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2022;72:923~929