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Table. 1.

Hall measurement results of CuAl(1-x)Mg(x)O2 ceramics according to amount of Mg doping and measuring temperature.

Material Temp [K] RH [cm3/A·s] μp [cm2/V·s] p [cm-3]
CuAlO2 300 3.35E+01 p-type 8.83E-02 1.86E+17
CuAl1-0.02(Mg0.02)O2 300 1.52E+01 p-type 8.26E-02 1.40E+18
CuAl1-0.015(Mg0.015)O2 300 2.10E+01 p-type 2.42E-01 2.98E+17
CuAl1-0.015(Mg0.015)O2 150 5.01E-05 p-type 3.05E-01 1.25E+13
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2023;73:29~36