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Table. 1.

Training programs for online overseas education volunteer activity.

Topic Contents Teacher
Understanding overseas volunteer activities ① ② Education on the meaning of overseas education service, experience of working as an overseas dispatched teacher & training on class preparation Volunteer Leader & Overseas Teachers
Local cultural education Education about Philippine culture Local teacher in the philippines
Science experience activity guidance Operation method workshops for each science experience program, guidance on practical possibilities and points to keep in mind when teaching classes Professor of related major
Safety education Operation of volunteer activities in preparation for Corona quarantine situation Volunteer leader
Preparation of instruction plan and correction guidance for class demonstration Guidance on correction of class content through micro-teaching Related major professors and current teachers
Basic language training Basic language training by native speaking professors, English intensive training for class Native speaker professor
How to operate an online class Class operation using zoom, Student Learning Management Plan Related major professors and current teachers
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2023;73:362~377