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Table. 3.

Science class programs.

Title Concept Contents and Activities Example of toys Remark
Maple Seeds force and motion, fluid mechanics, air resistance

Making and experiencing paper maple seeds

Introduction to the wing shape and principles of maple seeds after the experience

Balancing Bird center of gravity, equilibrium of force and torque,

Making ‘balancing bird’ and playing

Understanding the principle of the center of gravity by performing activities

Changed from Mr.Balance
Mr. Balance center of gravity, electrostatic induction, equilibrium

Balancing by placing a human model made using toothpicks and bread string on top of toothpicks

Playing with ‘Mr.Balance’ using static electricity

Explanation the conceptof center of gravity

Air Balloon Doll pressure, friction, sum of forces

Making ‘Air Balloon Doll’ by putting a rubber balloon in a cup and filling it with air

Explanation through activity that air can transmit force to objects

Quaking Ducks sound, vibration, friction

Making ‘Quacking ducks’ toy using straws and paper cups

Explanation through activity that sound is generated from vibration

Chromato-graphy mixture separation, solvent and solute

Explanation of chromatographic phenomena and principles, examples of real-life applications

Making bookmark using chromatography

Changed material
String telephone sound, vibration, medium

Explanation that sound is caused by vibrations and propagates through a medium

Making ‘String telephone’ and experience activities

One of the activities was omitted due to lack of materials
Straw Flute sound. frequency, standing wave

Making straw flutes and experience activities

Experiencing that the pitch of the sound is related to the length of the tube

Changed from vuvuzela
Magnetic Car magnetic force, property of magnets, force and motion

Description of various utilization methods and properties of magnets

Magnet car crafting and racing game

New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2023;73:362~377