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Table. 1.

Absorption and emission maximum wavelengths of the solvent (LAB) and solutes (PPO, bis-MSB) mentioned in the RENO experiment. Here, LAB means linear alkylbenzene (C=10-13) derivs used as a solvent. PPO refers to the scintillation fluorophore and the solute used as a primary wavelength shifter (WLS), and bis-MSB refers to the solute used as a secondary WLS. Note that in the case of LAB, there exist a large redshift corresponding to 80 nm between the emission and absorption wavelengths.

Solvent or Fluors Name Absorption Peak or Range [nm] Emission Peak or Range [nm]
LAB linear alkyl benzene 260 [16] 340 [16,17]
PPO 2,5-diphenyloxazole ≤ 340 [17] 360 [17], 340–440 [16,17]
bis-MSB 1,4,-bis(2-methylstyryl)-benzene 340–400[17] 417[17] a, 380–460 [16,17]

a417 nm of the bis-MSB emission wavelength in Table 1 is the number obtained directly from Fig. 4.11 of Reference [17].

New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2023;73:866~878