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Fig. 9. (Color online) Excitation spectra of bis-MSB calculated and measured with a density functional theory-based code. On the left is the excitation spectrum of bis-MSB dispersed in cyclohexane. The green color shown here is the excitation spectrum line and the light brown color is the spectrum line with the resolution effect applied to the excitation spectrum line. In the right figure, the light brown is the calculated excitation spectrum of bis-MSB dispersed in LAB rather than cyclohexane. The light green is the actual measured LAB+bis-MSB excitation spectrum. The blue arrow indicates that the spectrum is blue shifted. The experimentally measured excitation spectra of LAB show a band around 320 nm and bis-MSB around 400 nm. The excitation spectrum of the bis-MSB dispersed in cyclohexane received energy from the fluorometer in the form of direct excitation, while the bis-MSB dispersed in LAB received energy in the form of resonance energy transfer.
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2023;73:866~878