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Fig. 1. (Color online) Schematics of fabrication processes for CVD-grown graphene field effect transistors. (a) Four different fabrication processes were used to create CVD-grown graphene field-effect transistors, involving a combination of two transfer methods and two patterning methods. Wet etching (E) and laminating (L) were used to transfer CVD-grown graphene from a Cu foil onto the substrate. Two patterning methods were used to form source/drain electrodes using photolithography (P) and a metal mask (M). The EP, LP, EM, and LM devices were fabricated using processes ① (wet etching + photolithography), ② (wet etching + metal mask), ③ (laminating + photolithography), and ④ (laminating + metal mask), respectively. (b) Schematics of laminating methods for transferring CVD-grown graphene are shown (see experimental methods for details).
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2024;74:8~16