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Table. 1.

EPMA results of SBT ceramic targets and thin films and Bi/Sr ratio of SBT thin films.

Composition Bi/Sr ratio of SBT thin film
SBT ceramic targets SBT thin films
Sr0.70Bi2.39Ta2.0O9 Sr0.94Bi3.24Ta2.0O9 3.4
Sr1.31Bi2.47Ta2.0O9 Sr0.81Bi2.30Ta2.0O9 2.8
Sr1.06Bi2.34Ta2.0O9 Sr0.91Bi2.1Ta2.0O9 2.3
Sr1.44Bi1.93Ta2.0O9 Sr1.11Bi1.38Ta2.0O9 1.2
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2024;74:263~271