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Table. 1.

Quantum physics content topics (O: present, –: not present, N: newly adopted in the recent revision, *German astrophysics focus minor).

QP topic Germany Korea
Minor Major Physics EMQ AP
1. Blackbody radiation N
2. Bohr atomic model N* N O N O
3. Discrete energy levels in atoms (line spectra) N* N O O
4. Interactions between light and matter O* O O N
5. Wave-particle duality and/or complementarity O O O N O
6. Matter waves, quantitative (de Broglie wavelength) O* O O O
7. Technological applications O O O
8. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle O O O
9. Probabilistic or statistical nature O O O
10. Philosophical consequences N N
11. One-dimensional model or potential well N O
12. Tunneling N
13. Atomic orbital model N N
14. Pauli exclusion principle N
15. Entanglement N N
16. Schrödinger equation N
17. Calculations of detection probability
Total (newly added) 9(5) 12(7) 4 8(3) 10(3)
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2024;74:286~298