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Table. 3.

Properties of a particle in students' conceptions. (Third column ‘O’ indicates particle-like properties of photon of which students had mentioned in the interview.

Property of a particle provided by students Number of mentioning students Particle-like property of photon, had been mentioned by students in the interview Relevance of the particle property to the particle-like nature of light
Mass (weight) 14 O Irrelevant
Momentum 11 O Irrelevant
Position 6
Collision (momentum conservation) 5 O Controversial
Energy 5 O Controversial
Velocity or acceleration 5
To be numerable 3 O Relevant
Volume (size) 2
Discontinuity 2
Electric charge 2
Gravitational interaction 2
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2024;74:326~336