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Table. 9.

Criteria and details for internal assessment[16].

Criteria Points (%) Evaluation contents
Personal engagement 2 (8%) These include addressing personal interests or showing evidence of independent thinking, creativity or initiative in the designing, implementation or presentation of the investigation.
Exploration 6 (25%) Focused research question, relevant background information with highly appropriate method all factors influencing reliability considered with full awareness for safety ethical and environmental issues.
Analysis 6 (25%) Raw data is displayed in a table and processed correctly. Uncertainties are justified and processed. Results are correctly interpreted and the impact of uncertainties is fully understood.
Evaluation 6 (25%) A detailed and fully relevant conclusion justified with reference to accepted theory. Strengths and weaknesses are discussed, limitations of method understood and improvements discussed.
Communication 4 (17%) Clearly presented, well structured, coherent, focused, relevant with correct use of terminology and few errors.
Total 24 (100%)
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2024;74:379~393