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Table. 4.

Inquiry activities of high school ‘Physics’ in 2015 revised national curriculum[1, 16].

2015 revised national curriculum Inquiry activity of Physics I IB DP Required practicals of Physics SL

Momentum conservation experiment using a mechanical cart

Comparison of mechanical energy reduction of spring pendulum according to friction surface

Comparison and observation of line spectra of various lights

Observation of magnetic fields by current using magnets

Measurement of electrical conductivity of various solids

Several total reflection observations

Reinforcement and destructive interference experiments using speakers

Determining the acceleration of free-fall experimentally

Applying the calorimetric techniques of specific heat capacity or specific latent heat experimentally

Investigating at least one gas law experimentally

Investigating the speed of sound experimentally

Determining refractive index experimentally

Investigating one or more of the factors that affect resistance experimentally

Determining internal resistance

Investigating half-life experimentally (or by simulation)

Total 7 activities Total 8 activities
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2024;74:379~393