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Fig. 2(Color online) (a) Experimental transmittance spectra for RH-CLCs by use of spectrophotometer with unpolarized light source. RH-CLCs are composed of host 6CHBT nematic liquid crystal with a dextrorotatory chiral dopant of R1011, whose doping concentration are 8.0 wt%, 6.6 wt%, 5.6 wt% and 5.0 wt%. (b) Theoretical transmittance spectra, corresponding to (a), from which we estimate the pitches for each central wavelengths as follows: p8.0wt%=301 nm, p6.6wt%=361 nm, p5.6wt%=415 nm and p5.0wt%=460 nm.
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2024;74:525~534