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Table. 2.

Survey questionnaire regarding students' perceived difficulty of integrated science content elements.

Unit Chapter Content element} Survey format
Ⅰ. Substance and regularity 1. The regularity and binding of substances Primordial Elements (Formation) in the Early Universe 5-point Likert scale
Element Formation in the Solar System
Formation of Solid Materials on Earth
Metals and Nonmetals
Valence Electron
Ionic Bonding
Covalent Bonding
2. Constituent substances of nature Regularity of Geological Features and Biological Components
Primary Constituents of Living Organisms
Application of New Materials
Ⅱ. System and interaction 1. Mechanical system Gravity
Free fall
2. Earth system Cycling of energy and matter in the Earth system
Interaction between the Atmosphere and Hydrosphere
3. Life system Function of Cell Membrane
Cell Organelles
Metabolism, Enzymes
Genes and Proteins
New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2024;74:551~560