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Research Paper

New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2020; 70: 582-594

Published online July 31, 2020

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Exploring PCK Change of the high School Physics Teachers for Special Relativity Through Developing and Discussing CoRe

Soyun KIM, Jiyeong MUN, Sung-Won KIM*

Department of Science Education, Ewha Womans University, Seoul 03760, Korea


Revised: June 8, 2020; Accepted: June 11, 2020


In order to develop and support the physics teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) on special relativity theory, a new concept introduced in the 2009 revised curriculum, we explored how teachers’ PCK changes through CoRe development and discussion experience. Specific research questions are as follows: First, to what extent do physics teachers’ PCK change through the development and the discussion of CoRe? Second, which elements of the PCK emerge during the discussion of CoRe?, Third, what is the physics teachers’ perception of the CoRe development and discussion experience? Four high school physics teachers participated in this study. We collected developed CoRe, discussion audio data, and individual interview data. Data analysis was based on the rubric modified and supplemented by referring to previous studies. Results indicated that teachers’ PCK scores on ‘syntactic knowledge’, ‘teaching methods’, and ‘student understanding’ were increased after CoRe development and discussion. Also, the emerging PCK elements during teacher discussion were ‘substantive knowledge’, ‘teaching method’, and ‘student understanding’. Results also indicated that the experience of developing and discussion CoRe on special relativity theory served as an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their teaching goals and reasons for doing so.

Keywords: CoRe, Special relativity theory, CoRe development, Teacher discussion, Physics teacher, PCK development