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Research Paper

New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2020; 70: 788-796

Published online September 29, 2020

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Analysis of the Luminous Effect by the Patterns of Light Guide Plate Combined with Side-Emitting System

So Hee PARK*

Department of Physics, College of Natural Science and Public Health and Safety, Chosun University, Gwangju 61452, Korea


Received: May 25, 2020; Revised: August 5, 2020; Accepted: August 18, 2020


A light guide plate (LGP) applied to an edge-type backlight unit is combined with a plastic optical fiber (POF) optical system, and a scattering pattern is applied at the bottom of the LGP. Then, the luminous effect of the LGP on the light emitted from the light source is analyzed. The proposed side-emitting system is bent to surround the edge of the LGP, and the light-emitting diodes (LED) are combined at the end of a POF. Computer simulations are performed to realize indirect light by controlling the light from the light-emitting holes in the cladding of the POF. In this paper, the illuminance produced inside the LGP due to the light-emitting grooves of the side-emitting system and the uniformity of the brightness of the upper portion are analyzed to confirm the efficiency of the side-emitting system coupled with the LGP. In addition, to establish the criteria for the LGP processing condition combined with the side-emitting system, we optimize the control conditions of the light-emitting holes in the cladding and the conditions of the scattering pattern at the LGP bottom to improve the optical characteristics of the LGP. Thus, the low-efficiency problem can be addressed from an optical perspective.

Keywords: Light guide plate(LGP), Plastic optical fiber (POF), Scattering pattern, Illuminance, Uniformity