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Research Paper

New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2021; 71: 16-20

Published online January 29, 2021

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Signal to Noise Ratio of Spectroscopy Utilizing Spectral Images

Jongkeun YANG, Younghun YU*

Department of Physics and Research Institute for Basic Sciences, Jeju National University, Jeju 63243, Korea


Received: September 22, 2020; Revised: December 4, 2020; Accepted: December 16, 2020


Imaging spectroscopy allows spatial and characteristic information to be included in an image from which the sample characteristics can be derived. In this study, a method to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of a spectral signal obtained by using imaging spectroscopy is proposed and demonstrated experimentally. Imaging spectroscopy method using spatial information was found to have a signal-to-noise ratio compared to the conventional spectroscopy method that obtains an average value by using a single photo-detector. Because the spatial distribution information of the sample is known in imaging spectroscopy, unnecessary spectral signals can be removed, and the signal-to-noise ratio can be improved.

Keywords: Imaging spectroscopy, Signal-to-noise, Spectroscopy