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Research Paper

New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2021; 71: 29-37

Published online January 29, 2021

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Analysis of Korean and International Research Tends in Thermodynamics Education

Heekyong KIM1, Bongwoo LEE2*

1Division of Science Education, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon 24341, Korea

2Department of Science Education, Dankook University, Yongin 16890, Korea


Received: October 15, 2020; Revised: November 27, 2020; Accepted: November 30, 2020


The purpose of this study was to analyze Korean and international thermodynamics education research trend and to provide pedagogical implications. This study gathered 27 Korean articles and 186 international articles through the web database powered by Clarivate Analytics. These articles were analyzed using Biblioshiny, which was made by using open-source software, and R-studio and content analysis were added for Korean articles. The main results are as follows: International thermodynamics education researches has been increasing rapidly since the 2000s, and the increase in chemistry education journals has been remarkable. Many studies were conducted for undergraduate students. Korean studies were conducted on heat and temperature which international studies were conducted on entropy. Based on the results, we discussed educational implications related to the scope of thermodynamics education research, integrated research, and research groups.

Keywords: Thermodynamics education, Literature review, Biblioshiny, Research trend