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New Phys.: Sae Mulli 2021; 71: 111-116

Published online February 26, 2021

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Dependence of the AC loss on Interval and Stacking Number in $z$ Stacked GdBCO Coated Conductor

Chan KIM, Young-kyoung KIM, Sung-min JEON, H. C. RI*

Department of physics, Kyungpook National University, Daegu 41566, Korea


Received: December 7, 2020; Revised: January 4, 2021; Accepted: January 5, 2021


The 2G High-$T_{c}$ superconductor-coated conductors (2G HTS CC) with large aspect ratios have large AC losses for a perpendicular external magnetic field. A reduction of the AC loss is an important issue in 2G HTS CC applications. In a previous study, stacking of HTS CC was found to increase the full penetration field $H_{p}$ and to decrease the AC loss. The AC loss for the maximum applied magnetic field $H_{m}$ below $H_{p}$ was affected by the interval $D$ and the staking number $n$. In this study, to reduce the AC loss, we stacked GdBCO-coated conductors with the same geometries and with regular $D$, and we measured the magnetization curves of the stacked samples at a temperature of 83 K ($t = T/T_{c} = 0.88$). The AC losses were calculated using the experimental results, and the AC losses of the stacked samples were compared with phose for the single-layer sample. We investigated the dependences on $D$ and n of the AC losses of the stacked GdBCO CCs. As the interval decreases, the volume normalized AC loss decreased. In the case of $D$ = 0.10 mm, the AC loss was decreased by 16% and 37% in the 2-layer structure and the 3-layer structure, respectively, compared with the 1-layer structure.

Keywords: High Tc superconductor, Coated conductor, AC loss, Stacked structure

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