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New Physics: Sae Mulli 2004; 48: 324-328

Published online April 1, 2004

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Measurement of the Acceleration Due to Gravity by Considering the Frictional Effect of a Tape Timer

시간기록계가 주는 마찰력의 효과를 고려한 중력가속도의 측정

Seok-In HONG1*, Kang Young LEE2

1Department of Science Education, Gyeongin National University of Education, Incheon 407-753
2Department of Physics, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon 305-701



When we use a tape timer to measure the acceleration due to gravity, the falling body experiences a periodic frictional force due to hitting of the timer, as well as a constant frictional force due to the contact of the paper tape with the timer through the tape attached to the body. The total effect approximates a constant effective frictional force of ηtot. The falling acceleration G is given by G = g -ηtot/m, which depends upon the mass m of the body. By fitting the experimental data for G versus m-1, we obtain the acceleration due to gravity as g = 9.66±0.03 m/s2 (with an error of 1.43 %) and the total effective friction as ηtot = 0.035  0.002 N.

Keywords: Acceleration due to gravity, Tape timer, Friction

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