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New Physics: Sae Mulli 2005; 51: 341-344

Published online November 29, 2005

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High Transmittance of a PMMA-Coated Film on Glass or Quartz

Hong-Sub BAE, Jong-Ku PARK, H. R. LEE, Do-Hyeong KIM and Ilsu RHEE*

Department of Physics, Kyungpook National University, Daegu 702-701



Some of the light emitted by the organic material in an poly methyl meta acrylate (OLED) is totally reflected during the propagation to the front glass of the OLED due to the materials of the constituent films with high refractive indices. Consequently, the coupling-out efficiency of an OLED is just about 17 %. If a film of low refractive index is sandwiched between the oxide layer and the glass, the coupling-out efficiency will be increased by reducing the total refraction that occurs during the propagation of light from the oxide layer to the glass. We formed a organic light emitting diode (PMMA) layer on the glass or quartz and measured the transmittance of the light. We found that the transmittance of the light was increased up to 6 ~ 18 % comparied with that of the glass. We can expect the coupling-out coefficient of OLED to be increased when a PMMA film is sandwiched between the oxide layer and the glass.

Keywords: PMMA, High transmittance film, OLED

PMMA (Poly Methyl Meta Acrylate) 고분자 물질의 굴절률이 유리보다 낮음을 이용하면 OLED\\(Organic Light Emitting Diode) 유기물질에서 나오는 빛의 전반사에 의한 소실을 막는 고투과율 박막구조를 형성할 수 있다. 분산기 (diffuser)를 통과한 빛 (He-Ne laser)을 유리에 투과시켜 위치에 따른 투과율의 변화를 측정하고, 또 PMMA가 코팅된 유리의 PMMA층 쪽으로 투과 시킨 빛의 위치에 따른 투과율의 변화를 측정하여 비교해 본 결과 PMMA가 코팅된 경우가 전체적인 투과율에서 시료의 상태에 따라 6 $\sim$ 18 \%정도 향상되는 것을 관찰하였다. 이 실험결과는 굴절률이 낮은 고분자 박막을 이용하면 OLED 디스플레이 기판구조에서 투과성을 향상시킬 수 있음을 보여주고 있다.

Keywords: <p>고투과율박막, 유기발광디스플레이(OLED)</p>

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