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New Physics: Sae Mulli 2006; 53: 483-488

Published online December 30, 2006

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Optical Design and Fabrication of Fresnel Lens for Marine Signal Lanterns

Jong Tae KIM1*, Seung Nam PARK2 and Chul Woung PARK2

1Division of Imaging Science and Technology, Pukyong National University, Busan 608-739
2Photometry and Radiometry Group, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Daejeon 305-340



We designed a marine signal lantern optical system by using a Fresnel form. The Fresnel lens was constructed with an optical material, a focal length, a groove number (or zone number), and optical elements of a groove’s slope. Such optics have several advantages over conventional lens systems; large aperture systems may be constructed cheaply and are light in weight. The radiant energy can be distributed uniformly over the sensitive surface area. The large-aperture Fresnel-lens groove parameter, where each optical sag element is part of an independent lens, was obtained by using an analytic method, and a design variable was identified decided to satisfy the constraint.

Keywords: Fresnel lens, Optical design, Marine lantern, Collimation

일반적으로 등명기용 광학계는 광을 멀리 전달하는 목적으로 사용하고, 부피를 줄이기 위하여 Fresnel 형태의 lens를 사용한다. Fresnel lens는 광학 재질, 초점거리, groove개수 (zone 개수) 및 groove의 기울기 등의 광학요소로서 특징 지워진다. 이와 같은 Fresnel 형태의 대구경 광학계의 설계를 근축광학이론을 이용하여 해석적인 방법으로 각 sag별 광학적요소를 독립적인 렌즈의 일부분으로 설정하여, 각각의 구속조건을 만족하도록 설계 변수를 결정하고, 중심 광점에 대하여 시준빔(collimation beam)이 되도록 최적 설계하였다.

Keywords: <P>프레넬 렌즈, 등명기, 광학계 설계</P>

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