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New Physics: Sae Mulli 2009; 58: 392-395

Published online March 31, 2009

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The Study of the Photore?ectance Characteristics in Al0.21Ga0.79As grown on GaAs for a Variable Pumping Intensity

Jae-In YU* and In-Ho BAE

Department of Physics, Yeungnam University, Gyeongsan 712-749



We study of the photore?ectance characteristics of an Al0.21Ga0.79As/GaAs heterostructure. We observed 1.49 ∼ 1.53 eV from the PR spectra for various pumping intensition. The room-temperature PR spectra exhibited A-region oscillations due to the increasing intensity of the electric ?eld.

Keywords: Photore?ectance, AlGaAs, Heterostructure

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